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Frequently asked Questions

If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact us!

Do you also have a store?

Of course. Our store is located in the beautiful hofkwartier in the city center of The Hague: Place 13A, 2513AD The Hague .

Due to the corona measures, we ask everyone to keep a distance of 1.5 meters and this is also clearly indicated in the store. We also offer private shopping, please contact us for an appointment.

I have seen something in the store or via Facebook/Instagram that is not online. Can I still have it delivered through you?

We can ship everything from the store, if in stock! Feel free to send us a message via Facebook or Instagram or email and we will help you as soon as possible.

Can I exchange or return my order?

Ordered the wrong size? Orders can be returned within 14 days. Always send an email to first for further instructions. Also view our return conditions.

Are my Sendra boots too small if I have difficulty getting into them?

Certainly not! Most Sendra boots do not have a zipper or lace and can therefore be difficult to put on at first. Because the boot is made entirely of leather, inside and out, putting it on will be a bit more difficult the first few times. Don't worry, the warmth and movement of your foot will cause the boots to come off and automatically become wonderful slippers. If you have a high instep and/or wide foot, it can sometimes take some perseverance; but believe me, it pays off! The boot extends in width and on the instep (top of foot), not in length. Are your toes touching the front? Then they are too small.

How do I get into my Sendra boots more easily?

  • 1) We sell Zooff socks for this matter. These socks have been specially developed to solve the common problem. Please note, read the washing instructions (do not tumble dry!).
  • 2) You can also try it with pantyhose (socks). Because this is thin and synthetically smooth, it makes it easier to slide into the boot than with a cotton sock. A common response is: "Yes, but I just want to be able to wear them with socks." That's okay, as described earlier, the boots stretch when worn when there is pressure on them.
  • 3) And then we have the plastic bag trick. Some may think this is crazy, but it's a quick cheap way to slide in easily. Make a hole at the bottom of the bag and place it in the boot so that there is plastic all around. Not to the bottom. Stand up so that your foot is in a better bend and use the loops (if present). If you are in it, take the bag out. In the manner described here, you can slide them back around the boot and reuse them. NEVER LEAVE THE BAGS IN THE BOOT, SO THAT YOUR BOOTS WILL NOT WALK. Plastic retains heat and so the leather does not get your body heat to become supple. It may all sound like a hassle, but you can enjoy the boots for ten years; so it's an investment 😉.

My boots feel a bit roomy, but one size smaller is too small.

No worries about breaking in. If they are already a bit loose, they will not suddenly become even wider. The sagging is due to pressure on the leather, so when there is less pressure, little happens except that they move towards your feet. Your heel will always rise slightly when you walk, because there is often no zipper or lace in the boot. Also pay attention to pantyhose (socks); they are of course even smoother and thinner, so they may feel more spacious. Of course you can always use an insole, which is what many people who are between sizes use. Too small will really make you unhappy!

Maintenance // How do I treat my Sendra items?

Sendra comes in ready-made. In Spain they impregnate the leather in such a way that you can wear the items immediately. To be on the safe side, we recommend spraying it again with "water-repellent spray for all types of leather". The brand does not matter, as long as it is transparent and suitable for all types of leather.

Do your worn boots need a boost? Colorless leather grease will take you a long way. PLEASE NOTE: All leather colors except black will become darker in color due to greasing. Adjust the amount of grease carefully to prevent your boots from changing color too much.

Every now and then, we recommend a "shoe job" at a good shoemaker. Our hero is master shoemaker Waslander, located at Gentsestraat 10 in Scheveningen since 1979. You can contact him for maintenance, repairs and resoling (anything actually). Don't you live in The Hague? Then you can of course also contact your trusted shoemaker.

By properly maintaining your boots, you can enjoy them endlessly!

How do I know if the size of my Sendra belt is right?

The strap should be on the second or third hole. You can tighten it properly the first time, because the leather also becomes supple at the straps. Although it may be (too) tight at first, it fits well after wearing it for a while!